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Overburden Rock Core Cells & Flooding and Circulation Systems

<b>Overburden Rock Core Cells & Flooding and Circulation Systems</b>

We have applied our knowledge of advanced materials and proven high pressure sealing technology and applied it to the next generation of rock core analysis tools for NMR and MRI spectroscopy. The result was an overburden cell that delivers high strength and reliability while providing ease of assembly and disassembly. A unique threaded end plug design provides for fully self-contained pressure confinement. Separate flow paths provide for confinement pressure of the core and fluid flow through the core. The patent-pending zirconia-based housing has been shown to have the lowest background signal of any core holder currently on the market. This makes possible the use of short time-to-echo spacings to accurately analyze tight rock formations. Download the performance comparison between the Daedalus cell and cells from two major vendors.

View the Daedalus Overburden Cell Brochure for available stock sizes

Known Compatible Instruments:

Oxford GeoSpec 2: 2 MHz and 12 MHz

Magritek Rock Core Analzer

Oxford Maran DRX2

Niumag Rock Core MRI

Aspect Imaging M12 MRI

Daedalus cell (red) glass vial (green)
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The overburden cell user manual can be found HERE

We also provide complete fluid management systems including the new Xtreme-12R pump for core flooding applications and a pulse-less computer controlled circulation system for confinement fluid control to 150 C and 10,000 psi.

Daedalus Innovations

10,000 PSI Circulation System
Confinement Fluid Control

Daedalus Innovations

Xtreme-12R Pump
Flooding Fluid Control

Rock Core Apparatus

Daedalus Innovations prides itself on its ability to produce cost-effective custom solutions for applications in high pressure and reverse micelle NMR spectroscopy. Our experienced staff can design and prototype advanced high pressure NMR sample cells and sample preparation technologies associated with these leading-edge applications.  Please contact us for an evaluation of your specific project.