Facilitating Use of High Pressure NMR

<b>Facilitating Use of High Pressure NMR</b>

Daedalus Innovations was formed in July 2005 as an LLC to facilitate the use of high pressure NMR and reverse micelle NMR, through the design and fabrication of specialized apparatus.

Our mission is to provide you with the leading edge tools to utilize high pressure in your NMR based studies.

Our patented designs and proprietary manufacturing techniques place us in a truly unique position to enable your work with high pressure NMR.

Meet our team

Dr. Ronald W. Peterson

Chief Executive Officer Member,
Daedalus Innovations LLC

Ph.D. Texas A&M University
Protein chemistry, high pressure & scientific instrumentation

Dr. A. Joshua Wand

Benjamin Rush Professor, University of Pennsylvania,
Member, Daedalus Innovations LLC

Ph.D University of Pennsylvania 
Protein NMR & biophysics

Dr. Brian G. Lefebvre

Senior Research Engineer, DuPont

Ph.D. University of Delaware
High pressure biophysics & engineering

We have just introduced a revolutionary new rock core cell that offers superior pressure and temperature capabilities in a remarkably easy to use patent pending design.

We have applied our knowledge of advanced materials and proven high pressure sealing

technology and applied it to the next generation of rock core analysis tools for NMR and MRI spectroscopy.