Overburdened Rock Core Cells & Flooding and Circulation Systems

Over the past decade Daedalus Innovations has revolutionized the application of high pressure to high-field NMR spectroscopy research. We have now applied our proven high pressure sealing technology to the next generation of rock core analysis tools for wide-line NMR spectroscopy. A rugged design with high reliability at maximum rated conditions is a must-have for those concerned about sample throughput and minimization of hands-on assembly time. The patent-pending zirconia-based housing design delivers strength and reliability while providing ease of assembly and disassembly. A unique threaded end plug design provides for fully self-contained pressure confinement. Separate flow paths provide for confinement pressure of the core and fluid flow through the core. Optional valves can be connected directly to the plugs for long-term confinement at pressure. Zirconia is fully RF permeable and the metal components are nonmagnetic. Units can be ordered to accommodate 2-4” length cores of 1.5” diameter. Custom inner and outer diameter combinations are also available. We also provide complete fluid management systems including the new Xtreme 12R pump for core flooding applications and a pulse-less circulation system for confinement fluid control to 150 C and 10,000 psi.

Xtreme 12R pump

10,000 PSI Circulation System
Confinement Fluid Control


Xtreme-12R Pump
Flooding Fluid Control


Daedalus Innovations products are proudly designed, prototyped, and manufactured in the United States