High Pressure NMR

x-treme-60 syringe pump

HP cellThe Xtreme 60: Robust and precise control of pressure. Utilizing a large working volume, the Xtreme 60 provides the ultimate in pressure generation and control. Utilizing a high-torque motor and a precise computer control the Xtreme 60 is capable of generating pressures up to 4 kbar utilizing even relatively non-compressible water as the pressure generating fluid.




Tube Dimensions  
  Standard Zirconia 5mm OD (3.0 mm ID) × 92 mm
  Large Volume Zirconia 5mm OD (3.6 mm ID) × 92 mm
  10 mm Sapphire 10mm OD (7.0 mm ID) × 149 mm
  5 mm Sapphire 5mm OD (3.4 mm ID) × 92 mm
Temperature Range  
  +5°C to +100°C (regular seals)
  -15°C to +125°C (optional seals)
Rated Pressure Range:  
  Standard Zirconia Versions to 3,000 bar
  Large Volume Zirconia 1,000 bar
  10 mm Sapphire 300 bar
  5 mm Sapphire 300 bar


Xtreme Syringe Pump Specifications

Standard High Pressure Zirconia Tube Specifications

Large Volume High Pressure Zirconia Tube Specifications

10 mm Sapphire Tube Specifications

Ancillary Equipment


High pressure NMR has a long and storied history in physics, chemistry and biophysics. However, historically the method has been greatly limited by the absence of commercial availability of high performance, large active volume NMR sample tubes capable of safe and sustained operation above 1 kbar pressures. Daedalus Innovations has solved this problem. We are the only source of complete high pressure NMR capability. Utilizing patented and proprietary designs and manufacturing processes, the Daedalus Innovations’ line of zirconia high pressure NMR tubes, titanium manifolds and computer-controlled pressure generator is in a class by itself.

Our customers include leading academic and industrial researchers around the world and are engaged in far-ranging research projects including oil and gas exploration, nuclear chemistry, structural biology, molecular biophysics, and quantum computing.

The Daedalus Innovations’ high pressure NMR cells are truly in a class by themselves. Specialized ceramic materials, proprietary manufacturing and patented tube and manifold designs open the door to high performance NMR spectroscopy at pressures ranging up to 3,000 bar. Used seamlessly with modern cryogenic probes, the high active volume (3 mm ID) gives this tube unmatched NMR performance and reliability.

For lower pressure applications, such as those employed in the reverse micelle encapsulation technique, we offer larger volume zirconia tubes with 3.6 mm ID in a 5 mm OD context.  In addition, we also provide 10 mm OD sapphire tubes mounted in our patented pressure manifold.

sapphire cell collage

Daedalus Innovations products are proudly designed, prototyped, and manufactured in the United States