Support Equipment

safety box

Safety Box: This acrylic walled box provides protection to users while pressurizing cells. It also helps protect the setup while moving samples from the bench to the spectrometer. It also provides a convenient place to store high pressure cells when not in use. The box is open on the bottom.

Bruker and Varian versions are available.

cell setup

Cell Setup Tool: The high pressure tubes are not permanently fixed in the cell to allow for tubes to be switched and cleaned independently. This benefit requires some care when assembling the high pressure cell. This tool assists in that process by helping to keep the tube axially aligned with the cell during setup which improves seal integrity and lowers the probability of improper fit in the NMR.

Only one is needed for each cell type (Varian or Bruker)


High Pressure Seals (TS01): These form the primary seal between the high pressure tube and manifold. They are single use. One version works for all tube and cell combinations.


Typical High Pressure Setup

Listed below is the equipment that might be purchased for a high pressure setup for 45 samples up to 2.5 kbar pressure.

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  (1) Xtreme-60 Syringe Pump
  (1) NMR Manifold plus 2.5 kbar tube (BNC - 2.5 KBAR or VNC - 2.5 KBAR)
  (1) Cell Setup Tool
  (1) Safety Box
  (75) TS01 tube seals
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The high pressure tubing and fittings required to connect to an external pressure source are not included with the cell since some customers already have such components. However, we can add lengths of tubing to an order upon request. It is possible to use the syringe pump for pressurizing multiple cells provided an external valve is added inline between the pump and the NMR tube. This arrangement allows switching off between different samples and allows for storing of samples in the tube at modest pressures (i.e. ~0.5 kbar to slow any cell growth) between uses in the NMR.

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